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DamoGo Aims to Prevent Food From Going to Waste
DamoGo's co-founder Lim Hwang pitches for a Better Korea at Techrise 2019 and wins 1st place.
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Imagine throwing away untouched food that can feed over 1,000,000 people
every single day
. In Korea, that is exactly what is happening.

Restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, and large food companies are throwing away over 2,000 tons of perfectly good, untouched food away every day. Examples of this include unsold baked goods at bakeries at closing time, unsold meat and produce from grocery stores, and overstock of inventory in warehouses of food companies.

All this is going to waste in Korea. This “waste” also hurts the environment because of greenhouse gases created from the rotting food. Food waste is an especially major issue in Seoul. How can we solve this ridiculous problem?
DamoGO wins Citypreneurs 1st prize, contributing to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals
We want to create a national movement for citizens to think about wasted food differently and to do their part in reducing waste. DamoGO gives them a starting point to do this. Hunger is not a supply problem - it’s a distribution problem and we have ways to solve it through tech,
remarked Hwang.
DamoGO also makes social impact by helping food companies and restaurant buffets get their surplus food to charities. The startup has already prevented more than 10,000 food items from going to waste in the last 2 months by getting the food to their partner homeless shelters and soup kitchens. High-quality food now goes away from the waste bin and instead goes to those that need it the most. The startup is working on an online platform to make this more efficient and eventually wants to prevent every kilo of food from going to waste.
The name DamoGO has 2 meanings - “eat it all” and “pack it and go” in Korean. There are about 60 partners around Seoul on the app with more and more joining each day. The app is available for download in both English and Korean on both Google Play and the Apple Store. More information is available at
Customers can browse for food offered on the app by location from DamoGO’s restaurant and food retailer partners. They can also get immediate notification as soon as stores they follow upload a new item. When they see something they like, they purchase it right on the app. Then they go to the store within the store’s pickup times to get the food.

Lin Hwang, co-founder and CEO of DamoGO explains the impact the company wants to have: “Koreans throw away enough untouched food to feed everyone that needs it, yet there are so many citizens that don’t have access to regular meals. This is a ridiculous problem that shouldn’t be happening and this is just a start for us to solve this problem.”
DamoGO, a social business, has a free mobile app to help solve this problem.

Not only will it reduce wasted food, but it will also help restaurants and food businesses gain extra revenue, gain extra exposure to new customers, and allow the businesses to use DamoGO as a platform to be environmentally friendly and strengthen their brand image.

In addition, customers who use the app will be able to purchase delicious food for at least 50% off the regular price.
Hwang presents about making an impact through reducing food waste
Team DamoGO rescues surplus food from going to waste at a Wework startup event
WeWork Yeoksam Station
142 Teheran-ro, Yeoksam-dong, Seoul
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