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Jeon Jin Sang Medical Center
Jeon Jin Sang Pharmacy in the 1970s.
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The independent hospice is not a part of a large hospital, but it is a whole hostess activity, which has many difficulties in facilities and operations. It is currently being extended for improvement and expansion of facilities, and continuous attention and support are needed for operation.

The annual activities of the members include 7,000 outpatient clinics, 5,600 medical check-ups and vaccinations, 1,600 palliative care center admissions, 90 house call visits, and 462 visiting doctors (in 2018).
The new Jeon Jin Sang Medical Center Building
King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium paid a visit to the Jeon Jin Sang Medical Center on the final day of their state visit to Korea in March 2019.
The clinic provides ambulatory care, family environment and stationery hospice facilities. Also, ever since from the opening, the hospital provides house call doctor service every Thursday.

Jeon Jin Sang's hospice activities, originally initiated from home hospices, are Seoul's only independent facility-style hospice, with a team of doctors, nurses, social workers, spiritual caretakers and volunteers dedicated to keeping the patients comfortable in a home-like atmosphere. Also, it runs various programs such as music therapy, art therapy and aromatherapy for support and emotional exchanges between the patients and their families.

The welfare center runs several projects including scholarship and home welfare programs with a local children's center. The local children's center provides study and meal guidance for 45 children and extensive social activities every day. After school, children from elementary to high school, who have no chaperon at home, come to the Jeon Jin Sang local children's center after class and receive homework and study guidance, meal (dinner when school is in session and lunch during the vacation) and return home. 

What is important in the community center for children is that the children mingle with their peers and complement their education with improved social skills and emotional support. Also, students from low-income families can receive scholarships so that they could pursue what they wish to study. Around 60 students receive the scholarship support every month and the center provides 60 million won in scholarships annually to aid students from low-income families to continue their studies. 

These activities of the Jeon Jin Sang center refer to the spirit of the International Catholic Brotherhood (A·F·I) that takes full care of people in difficult situations with true love.
ECCK President Christoph Heider delivered donations collected during the All European Network Night 2019 to the Jeon Jin Sang Clinic with Belgium Korean Business Forum (BKBF) President Gertjan Boulet on July 25.
Located in the end of south-west Seoul, Geumcheon-gu, Siheungdong, Jeon Jin Sang Medical Center stands strong since 1975. The more you get to know about Jeon Jin Sang Clinic, Welfare Center and Pharmacy, the more interesting it gets. They are a primary health care service provider, yet they are a non-profit organization under the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seoul. Within the clinic, home environment and stationary hospice facilities and check-up with medical specialists are available. The Jeon Jin Sang medical center is run by doctors, pharmacists, nurses and social workers. Also, the members of Association Fraternelle Internationale are arranging the operation of the organizations smoothly and in the middle of it all, there’s Marie Hellen Barsser. She is a member of international A·F·I and she arrived in Korea in 1972. In 1980, she got admitted to Chungang University medical school and became a family medicine specialist. In 2011, the Korean government has recognized her achievement and granted her special Korean citizenship. Furthermore, she has obtained her Korean name Hyunjung Bae.
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