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Sukun Choi: Splendid Scene
Arrival, 2018
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‘What do I really want to paint?' It’s a question that the painter Sukun Choi tried to answer for five years.

This very exhibition is the answer to his long-waited question. He has worked on each piece for a long time and some pieces even took as much as drawing five pieces. He only presents the paintings that have been through his efforts thoroughly. Choi has been showing the humor and satire for his audience, but for this exhibition he spotlights the anxiety, emptiness, compassion, and mixed feelings felt by modern people.
He seeks for his motifs in the everyday life like he used to, but they are no longer easy-going, funny and cartoonish.

This is an apology for this his previous drawings that only aimed for instant reactions in the short period of time. Perhaps his thoughts are hidden consciously in these drawings.

If he was busy delivering his thoughts by sneaking up on others, this work is about the social landscape that reveals the stories of the world one by one.
Subway, 2018
In the Subway painting, middle-aged man and woman are sharing a long bench with a couple. The middle-aged man and woman they barely sit on each edge while the couple, embracing with each other passionately, takes up almost all space on the bench. This painting shows the generation gap. The bench represents the world and the young couple represents the new generation that places themselves in the middle of the world. It is not so funny to see the middle-aged people, who have been pushed to the edge of the world, sitting awkwardly.
Splendid Scene, 2019
Azalea, 2020
As smartphone ownership is growing around the world, cameras, clocks and computers are quickly replaced by phones. With this trend, snapping selfies became one of the lifestyles. With a smartphone, anyone can be a celebrity just like the couples in Choi's paintings Azalea and Splendid Scene.
Horse Riding, 2020
Sukun Choi: Splendid Scene
Exhibition Dates: March 30, 2020 Venue: Gallery NoW
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