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ABOUT chef Bartosz Kaczmarczyk
Bartosz Kaczmarczyk is a Polish chef. As of April 2019 he has started The Artisan – Catering & Delicatessen. He is focused on handcrafting traditional European sausages and cold cut meats in his own manufacture and offering customized European menus to his catering customers.
Bartosz Kaczmarczyk Owner Chef
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Ms. Sue Lee
Managing Director
Bartosz Kaczmarczyk (hereafter B.K.):
As a European chef living in Korea I quickly noticed that taste of genuine European cuisine is not an easy thing to recreate. Most of Korean cooking enthusiasts and professionals are forced to utilize imports even when it comes to staple foods. This gave me an inspiration to start “The Artisan” – a small manufacture of the European deli treats. A hand production is based here in Korea using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
Where does an inspiration to open your own gastro-business come from?
Yes, home making of quality meats and cold cuts has been quickly enriched by installing a customized smoker. We have in Korea couple of other companies dry curing meats but we are first to handcraft hot smoked sausages, hams and bacon. I also enlarged my offering with home baked rye sourdough breads and variety of traditional fermented foods like sauerkraut and other condiments. Quickly I realized that my passion for making these foods can be connected with my experience as a fine dining hotel chef and thus the catering side of The Artisan was created.
It seems that your original idea of opening European deli has rather expanded?
It is the synergy of the deli side and catering venture that makes The Artisan unique. Every customer and every event receive a customized menu offer that is influenced by national cuisine of the host. And since I produce large part of ingredients myself I am not limited to the same few suppliers of imported goods as other catering companies.
In the highly competitive catering market how do you differentiate yourself?
Oh yes, I am extremely busy but I also constantly think how to expand my business. Recently bulk of the deli sales has moved online – after setting up an internet shop I deliver my products to all of the South Korea. Also due to constant request of my customers I started to open my place for a Saturday lunch. Because of frequent caterings it is not a regular occurrence, but I have a good following of people who do not mind waiting to be able to try traditional European home-meals.
This approach seems very time-consuming.
What are your aims for the near future?
Catering side of The Artisan is steadily growing and I have enriched my offer with lunch boxes. Premium sandwiches made with homemade sourdough bread and home smoked ham seem to appeal well to corporate clientele. As for the deli production… especially one of my products - Polish Kielbasa Sausage is gaining more and more recognition and I definitely want to promote it as nobody else in Korea hand makes it.
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