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Time To Care with Henlee
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Henlee was launched in 2018, to help women and men from other countries to know more about K-beauty and Korean skincare products.

Korean Beauty (K-Beauty) started the “skincare wave” and since then has taken over the global skincare industry. Much of the K-Beauty growth comes from the Korean wave (Hallyu). Korean beauty trends are constantly growing in popularity everyday.

In Dec 2019, the Ministry of Health and Welfare said: “The country's makeup products are globally competitive, with growth buoyed by popularity of the Korean Wave (Hallyu) and the growing reputation of K-beauty as being high quality yet affordable.”
That skincare is an important ritual that not only makes the skin beautiful, but also helps many people to care themselves more. Henlee's slogan is: TIME TO CARE.

It’s important to have time when we take care of ourselves.
Henlee holds consultations and online lectures, on which they instruct their partners and managers on how to use the skincare products of prestigious brands.
Today they cooperate with the CIS countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan), and also with Lebanon, Ukraine, Egypt and Dubai. Their plan is to expand further and work with more countries and markets, teaching Korean skincare and promoting consultation services.

Nowadays Henlee is a cosmetology community. Even though they are located in Korea physically, and they are located in every part of the world with the help of new communication technologies. Also because of the wide range of prestigious products in each category, their managers have become experts in the field of beauty. With the global internet penetration their managers can work remotely from over the world.
In two years, Henlee became the leader of the prestigious omni-retail. They are creating the most convenient and attractive shopping experience in the world of beauty and consulting our clients to get healthy skin. Before the purchase, they advise and solve the problem of skincare together. Guiding people to love themselves and to take care of themselves.

Thanks to Henlee's experience and constant development, they are expanding their wholesale channels by inspiring others and sharing their entrepreneurial spirit. They give their clients and partners the opportunity to dip into the world of beauty.
Henlee's founder Lena Hen.
+82 10 3116 1307
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